2021 Updates…

Atrium sessions planned to gradually resume at St Joseph’s Atrium 

Peace be with all of you!

After a year of online sessions via Zoom for the atrium children, our CGS Ministry has planned for face-to-face sessions to gradually resume at St Joseph’s Atrium. We will start first with the Level 3 children coming in once a month, followed by the Level 2 children from Term 2 and the Level 1 children from Term 3 onwards. Online sessions will continue during the weeks the children are not in the atrium.

In early 2020, when parishes were instructed to stop catechetical sessions, our CGS catechists started running faith formation sessions online. After several months, with the improving situation in Singapore, we were able to hold our first face-to-face sessions again in the parish for the CGS First Holy Communion Retreat. The retreat was held over 2 weekends in November 2020 for the Year 6 children who were broken up into smaller groups in order to meet safe-distancing regulations.

We thank God for the ability to still continue to journey with the atrium children using various tools like Zoom, Padlet and PowerPoint. We are also very grateful for all the catechists, assistants, parents, priests and staff of the parish who have supported this work to help our children draw closer to our Good Shepherd despite the ongoing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We pray that Christ, our Teacher, will continue to guide us in seeking various ways to help our families come closer to God.

Shepherd’s Blessings,

Jane Lau
CGS St Joseph’s Church Bukit Timah